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Orleans walkings

“La banane” or “smile” if you prefer, that’s probably what characterizes me, without forgetting the energy, (translate: this chick is fast and never stops). Don’t worry, I will be able to adapt to your rhythm and above all to your desires: sharing and exchange above all!
Epicurean, curious, loving (no, LOVING) the arts in all their forms (theatre, street art, architecture, creators…) I am always looking for something new, never both feet in the same Doc Martens. Looking for a recommendation on a restaurant, a bar (preferably with beer or wine), a movie review… : I would be happy to give you my point of view.
Sparkling, dynamic, described by some of my friends as a “ray of sunshine” or a “white tornado” by others, I look forward to leaving you with an unforgettable memory of this beautiful and unknown city. One last thing: I’m Agnes and you?
It will be my pleasure to accompany you on these walks full of spontaneity and in a friendly atmosphere.